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Ark of the maintenance and cleaning

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(Msg. 1) Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:53 am
Post subject: Ark of the maintenance and cleaning

Ark of clean
Wooden ark should avoid excessive moisture, generally USES half wet cloth to wipe it.
Hardware accessories, such as hinge and drawer slideway, part of the cleaning, general use atable lamp feather duster sweep, main clean the inside of the dust is ok.
Ark of the maintenance
Keep using the enough space
Furniture place must consider the use of space, more commonly put ark when need to pull out the drawer and use when take put things enough space, minimum keep 75 cm.
Processing more difficult to open the drawer high temperature wet climate, wooden ark of a drawer may produce wood up, become difficult to open and close. You can use candles or paraffin wax on the bottom of the drawer side stained glass table lampand guide rail, a little friction wax.
Dehumidification and insects
At ordinary times must pay attention to moisture and insects measures, using more ark receive clothes, can be in the first drawer bottom antibacterial moistureproof mat on the shop, put a desiccant. The use of the dehumidifier is necessary, when the air is dry, drawer nature is not so tight, more easily also. But must pay attention to the safety of the dehumidifier and wooden furniture.
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