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Carpet cleaning techniques

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(Msg. 1) Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:45 am
Post subject: Carpet cleaning techniques

Summer, if you need the carpet of the house of temporary storage, must be cleaned the carpet, then blow dry in the shade, to pat the dust on the carpet SaFang some insects, after inverse hair roll up, be sure not to for hooking on hard surfaces clean, carpet and damage. Finally, sealed with a plastic bagshower curtains and placed ventilated and dry place. In addition, carpet never open store, otherwise may make carpet by pests or the sun faded, and so on.
Although carpet cleaning is not common, but it is more troublesome, a lot of owner will be because of the problem and give up use carpet cleaning. Within the basin into 500 ml water, add two or three drops of wind or toilet water, dip in with broom in the mixed water after cleaning the carpet, can make indoor air conditioners, can also play a role in preventing mosquitoes in summer.
Use vinegar to eliminate pet peculiar smell of the carpet
In 4 heating water to 4 cups of vinegar, after soaked twist dry with a towel to wipe. Vinegar can not window curtainsonly prevent discoloration or carpet faded, and can also eliminate the peculiar smell of the pet (soda also has the effect of deodorization). After cleaning, then put in ventilated place dry can. Carpet dust to division when clean carpet, can and some salt, with inhibits the function of the dust float in the sky. Because salt can absorb dust, even if again small dust, can also clean up neatly. At the same time, still can make carpet more durable, often the gorgeous color.
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