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Different material of carpet maintains

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(Msg. 1) Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:55 am
Post subject: Different material of carpet maintains

Special maintenance (mouldproof polyphosphate)
Chemical fibber carpet of mouldproof polyphosphate: so-called chemical fibber carpet, is the nylon, pp, materials such as acrylic carpet. Moth, such as microorganisms living environment need hotel carpet with protein, and fiber products furniture roware unable to provide protein, so this kind of carpet doesn't happen moth mildew. Basically don't have any professional maintenance, only a week carpet design with cleaner clean can. Chemical fibber carpet can wash, if the sitting room is a blanket of carpet area is not large, could you put their feet in the bath together with you "shower", you clean it is clean now.
Woolen carpet mouldproof polyphosphate: generally speaking, the carpet in the middle part of the nylon carpet not breeds insect, and around the corner and 0.3 1 m part of the PVC carpet bred worms easily, because this is often furniture reviewsnot pressing the, have certain space, in contact with the ground car carpet that dust and air, make carpet worm survival. But smoke, pull into the carpet of all parts of the Shanghai carpet may be bred worms. This is due to the carpet behind and carpet design there is a gap between, still can flow into the air after contact with the ground of the carpet market. In addition, the shop is on wooden floor carpet shop than in cement, tile, terrazzo the carpet easier to manual carpet bred worms of the earth. The reason lies in the woodiness floor is easy hygroscopic, which provide the growth conditions for bugs. The carpet under the pressure in furniture parts is easy the bugs.
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