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cheap nfl jerseys, ah, is your own wish

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(Msg. 1) Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:28 pm
Post subject: cheap nfl jerseys, ah, is your own wish

In fact, Yang Fan has this idea simply because the chance to hear the Xiaxue Xin and between several girls did not come here before to discuss whether to bring a swimsuit quietly play in the water.
Although as long as a person with a swimsuit, other students know they will certainly bring. They can Xia Xuexin not intend to let people know, so bring a swimsuit thing, they cover very tight. But also as with other students, and can not guarantee someone will not take?
Such as Wang Yi, although the nickname nosy guy, but this time camping, his plan to plan to go, there are still many things that did not bring. Wang Yi, such as minority students! They are just a group of hothouse flowers, how could it be considered comprehensive?
"I can with the little ah, MISS, can not be bought or leave it, ah!" See no one came to buy, Yang Fan and loudly shouted.
This look, suddenly have seven or eight boys around us.
Why are the boys? Too simple reason, to see into the water Xiaxue Xin them, how the boys may not just around the corner? There have long been a swimsuit with the boys back to their tents sneaky enchant a swimsuit! These boys did not bring a swimsuit, nfl jerseys from china,which miss the chance to hear Yonfan if not quickly Pidianpidian also ran?
This includes the Wang.
"Hey, big squad, we anything to do? Not give me a discount?" Wang Yi, a come and so the sentence.
Yonfan rolled eyed, said: "Let's look at the relationship so well, give you hit a fifteen fold, others two hundred, you three hundred!"
"Is ah, this price is too outrageous, right? A value of only a few sore swimming trunks?" Interface to another Eight boys said.
"Love it or leave, do not buy or leave it!" Fan Yang said: "want to buy as early as possible, ah, do not buy the side to play."
Obviously, in this case, knowing Aizai also have to believe it! Yonfan certainly would not buy a good belt to swimming, as we have to do business, it would have to buy low and sell high! Swim trunks sold two hundred and ten, do not know how many times the price doubled.
Lin duckweed at this time came over, smiled and said: "Yang Fan, you do this business well ah?"
"Also into it." Yonfan Tianzhao Lian replied.
"We are all students, wholesale nfl jerseys,is not it cheaper to the students?" Lin said duckweed then.
"Friendship friendship owned, business owned business! This can not be confused!" Although forest duckweed to intercede, but it is that feelings can be Yonfan not speak.
Liu Ching came up at this time, the forest duckweed to pull to the side, whispered: "Lin, you care so much why ah? Yonfan This is specially brought you to prevent him from making money, which may it? say that again, where to sell bathing suits, but also not rare? "
"It is in ah! Oh." Duckweed Lin smiled, and Liu Qing gone. His heart was somewhat surprised, Liu Qing Yang Fan will even speak?
Lin also stresses that no less than the price to duckweed, which swim trunks look on the open market! Suddenly, four or five boys swimming trunks happily buy back their own tent, ready to change down into the water.
With the first one to take the lead to buy the rest of the 不愁卖 the. Moreover, Yonfan can not take a lot of not? A total of just over eighty students, as well as to bring a swimsuit, and Yonfan how could bring a lot of swimsuit to sell?
Not long, swim trunks sold out! Some modesty of girls, are also slowly move closer to over, bought a swimsuit from Yonfan here.
And Wang Yi, stitched nfl jerseys,has long been too busy to buy a swimsuit to Yonfan start playing. Yonfan money, Wang Yi to the goods, with a pretty understanding of the two.
Soon, Yang Fan has sold out to bring a swimsuit. But he brought no Xiaxue Xin swimsuit can buy their own kind of good-looking. Entirely a style, but still very soil that style.
"Yang Fan, do we?" No man around to see Yang Fan, Xiaojing Yi and Zhou Ying came over, Zhou Ying asked.
"Give you keep it." Yonfan said, and got into the tent, handed out two sets of bathing suits and Zhou Xiaojing Yi Ying.
The two bathing suits, a set of red, the style is very simple, no color! This is the British prepared to week. In addition it is a yellow skirt with layers of, a number of complex patterns, is prepared to Xiaojing Yi.
"Do not say you buy a set of swimsuit I really quite satisfied." Zhou Ying said with a smile, even Xiaojing Yi, also can not help but nodded his head, said Zhou Ying, then agree. Obviously, for Yonfan buy her a swimsuit, she is also very satisfied.
In fact, according to two people Yonfan just bought two sets of character traits swimsuit nothing. Zhou Ying temper altogether and direct, but with a bit hot! Such a person character can be said simply to the extreme. And Xiaojing Yi quiet, think much less say. This girl is generally thought more delicate.
"Play it!" Yonfan smiled, cheap nfl jerseys , for they said.
Seeing Zhou Ying and Xiao Jingyi left, Wang suffered a straight face, said: "Just simply to give you help, and forgot to buy a bathing his pants! You have stock yet?"
"In there is a, it is my own preparation." Yonfan Hey, laughing.
"There are one?" Wang Yang Fan directly behind the word neglected, pulled Yonfan arm, said: "I had it, I will help you sell red swimsuit, you have to bring this to swimming trunks I ah? "
"Hey, I can not say to your help, ah, is your own wish." Wang said this one, Yonfan even laughed.
Uh ... ...
This is what, Wang did not know what to say, indeed, Yonfan just did not even say to him to help, then, is entirely his own initiative to help.
"I am not Fanjian it? White to help the do not say, but that did not discuss the benefits." Wang in the heart depressed thinking.
At this time, I saw Yonfan got into the tent, out of the last swimming trunks, thrown Wang Yi, said: "Well, do not arrayed a Ku Gualian, go!"
"I know you enough loyalty." Wang took swimming trunks, Pidianpidian back to their tent to go for swimming trunks.
Yonfan standing outside his tent, looking around the circle, you can not help the music: which hold up to five individuals eighties dozen tents, just a little taste of the ancient camp.
However, and seven to eight classes, jerseys from china, or entirely different ah? Interval between two classes of tents for almost three meters distance and the formation of a channel-like.
"Lin, Liu teacher, you should not water ah? I gave you two sets of bathing suit ready!" Yonfan look to the duckweed and Liu Ching Lin, shouted loudly.
"We are no less, and you play it, pay attention to safety." Forest duckweed loud response.
Qiao Lian, Liu Qing is a Yunhong!
At this point, the students in addition to not swim, and the rest have been in the water, and about nearly 60 students in the water. Boys and girls have each other splashing melee together. Even Xiaojing Yi and Zhou Ying, also did not escape, joined the girls in camp!
But girls are not boys opponent, is losing ground!
"Ha ha ha ha ha!" At this time, just listen to the great earth-shattering laughter sounded.
Boys and girls under the water melee involuntary look at the source of the sound, to see standing water's edge is Yonfan pinched waist, back laughing!
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