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Citrix client update

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(Msg. 1) Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2004 6:10 am
Post subject: Citrix client update
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Hi All........

Excuse my ignorance....... I'm sortof new to Citrix. I'm trying to
configure the client update tool, I have downloaded the lates 8.x msi
client package. The thing is how do I get it into the Client Update
Configuration tool do I need to extract the msi file or something like
that.... pls help...

Also everyones favorite printing problem...... I can run applications
using the Citrix client and the printers autocreate but I can print.
When I try to print it spools the job but it just sits in the queue and
stay there forever then eventually errors. I ahve checked the drivers
and they are right..but don't know why it doesn't work

I have tried using Ctx to remote desktop to the server and install the
printer and print successfully.
Any help would be appreciated....

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