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Tablet computer influence on children's vision 5

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(Msg. 1) Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:22 am
Post subject: Tablet computer influence on children's vision 5

Tablet computer influence on children's vision 5
Tablet computer are now very popular digital products, it HYUNDAI A7 7" Android 4.0 not only can play games watch video, and colour is very bright. Tablet computer is easy to operate, the content is also very attractive, many parents spent the most gifts to children iPad. After the children get addicted to the iPad is a cup even, become the iPad control. But, the zenithink android tablet and other electronic products to children's vision impact, have the blog says a 4 year old baby to play tablet computer vision has myopia to 200 degrees, tablet computer has become children of vision "first killer".
Many children ever since the flat computer after one more like friends, no longer entwine parents accompanying them, really let parents a lot easier. But, there are parents found that children long time to play after the tablet computer, cube android tablet will appear constantly tried to blink, especially when watching TV special obvious, the child's eyes will be uncomfortable. At this time, the parents will notice the tablet computer to children's eyes a little influence, at this time to choose in the flat on a Ainol android tablet computer protective coating reduce brightness to protect children's vision.
In fact, cause vision loss, and the reason for that is not radiation or brightness, stick a protective coating in theory do not rise to the effect that protects vision. Myopia is due to close with the eye for too much, excessive fatigue eyes adjust ability to drop, tension caused the subjects spasm. General use tablet computer and reading the distance of the distance, probably is 33 centimeters; Children with visual system development Hyundai android tablet still not mature, eyes closed control of muscles and constriction of the pupils ability is not strong, it is easy to produce visual fatigue. In addition, children's language ability is limited, can't express dry eyes in the state, and even the dry eyes is what feeling all don't know. So, many parents is very easy to ignore tablet computer vision to the harm of children. Children long time staring at the tablet computer, four years old have myopia to 200 degrees is not surprising.
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