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Candid guilty! Girls emptied carefully skirt!

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(Msg. 1) Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2011 12:47 am
Post subject: Candid guilty! Girls emptied carefully skirt!

Candid guilty! Girls emptied carefully skirt!

June 9 night fifty-five to eleven P.M, users "sales supervisor" in a BBS on Posting, says its just "catch" to a subway "peeping male". He said that night 10 o’clock to take rail transit line 1 from Zhong Shan road stand to XuJiaHui. "Get on after feeling something wrong, the right man was secretly look sitting on my left side girl. The girl looks like ordinary, but was dressed in a slightly short skirt." "Sales director, said after a stand memeory, the one on the right male passenger began taking mini spy camera mobile phones, and cell phones slowly down towards the girl's skirt of Noah, rapidly by a few, then flatling ground looked around. Before long, he repeats this action some times。

"His spy camera cell phone is very ordinary straight trigger, I found that cell phone state is shooting model." "Sales supervisor" feel a bit angry, just his cell phone also has photographed function, so "Sales supervisor" lift up the thigh, mobile phone on his lap, to the right hand of the man mercilessly took some photo. On the Internet, "sales supervisor" slamming three photos, but photograph very fuzzy, can see man wearing a pair of glasses and has a flat, wearing a T-shirt. So these pictures released to online.

Shang JianGang lawyer thinks, published online by "winner" is justified peep. Belong to the "illegal behavior legal significance of resistance is reason". Shang JianGang explained, sometimes to maintain social benefit needs for some people, must use the portrait, such as public exposure of photographs, who abused cats fugitive wanted printed photos bount list by the spy camera cell phone etc, although when issued by using a person's portrait, but all belong to legitimate use. ShangJianGang said, general rights infringement actions are in a profitable for purpose, so it does not involve portrait. For reputation infringement of the photos of the parties, must be reflected the positive features pictures, these tort photos must can let the parties are identifiable at a glance. "If photos punch-drunk, or is difficult to recognize the characteristics, so also did not reach the reputation infringement degree.”

Liu Ye said she condemned "secretly girl" this behavior, but for posted on the website "winner" photograph secretly, but she had different ideas. Liu Ye said that because of the net friend don't suffer media communication vocational moral restraint, published on the web "candid camera," photos, is very optional and indulge yourself could eventually lead to loss of social security. She said, everyone's daily life in fact are existing improper behavior, it's likely swearing, spitting, if anytime will be announced on the Internet, so in the future life of everyone haunt carelessly will be announced on the Internet, by pressure from all parties. Perhaps to finally will think that each into your mobile phone, could be candid camera you.

In fact, the disputes are the core issue involves the old ethical issues - "for the purpose of good whether can do anything", "the purpose of good whether can decide means of justifiable"? Whether in the candid way to stop candid camera, is another form of "retributive violence," mobile phone wireless spy camera an act itself is very bad undoubtedly.

In Shanghai some well-known BBS search column input "metro" query, just 1 months have eight post and "candid camera" related, are almost camera phone "masterpiece".

Please do you best to use the pure purpose of spy camera cell phone..
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